Live Your BEST Life

International Women's Day 2024

As International Women’s Day approaches,
we are looking forward to gathering again to celebrate YOU on Friday March 8th at the Balmy Beach Club.
Join us for another spectacular night filled with inspirational speakers, innovators, change makers, and all of you.

Live Your BEST Life!   

Living your Best Life is about finding that ultimate sense of joy, fulfillment, and contentment.
Life is a journey of self-discovery and a way to truly enjoy the big moments and the small memorable ones.
These are the blessings and relationships in your life that remind us of how much love, the smallest of things bring us, every single day.
What motivates you? How do you reach your potential? Let's journey together to REDISCOVER U.


Change can be uncomfortable and even scary, but it’s often through change that you learn how to really live your best life.
Let Florence’s journey inspire you to take a leap of faith, the next time you have an opportunity to do something different.
It’s not always comfortable, but remember, your best moments may be the ones that brought change into your life.


ADHD in  women is generally misunderstood.  
Many women are not diagnosed before adulthood, and carry the stress and anxiety of living a life trying
to fit into a world that was not necessarily designed for their brains.  
Joanna hopes to shed light on what ADHD is in women, why it is misunderstood,
and offer hope for those struggling with executive function challenges. 


If you don’t currently feel like you are living your best life, ask yourself what is stopping you?
What is keeping you stuck or why can't you move forward? Chances are, there is a situation, a fear or worry, that is stopping you.
Let Olivia help you find clarity about how the physical changes we experience in our bodies impact us from our relationships to our careers;
And how we can find support, educate ourselves and empower each other during mid-life transition.


 The growth of Pickleball in Canada has been stunning! Kim became a Pickleball Instructor and joined forces
with Sarah Graham to create PaddlesUp Pickleball, a corporation initially dedicated to teaching adults how to play pickleball in the Beach area. 
Since its startup in April 2023, PaddlesUp has grown to include Beaches Pickleball Coaching, Picklers Social, Little Picklers and PaddlesUp for Teens!
We can’t wait to see what happens next! 


 Vice President of Philanthropy at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Suzanne is advancing gender justice and ensuring women,
girls and non-binary people don’t get left behind as we recover from the pandemic.
Proceeds of our Celebration of Women's Day will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation.

Donate through JUSTGIVING

Let's Support, Educate and Empower each other on this evening dedicated to all of you. 
~ Speakers ~ Artisans ~ Libations and Light Fare ~ Music by StilettoFlats


Doors open at 4:30pm for networking and artisan shopping at our pop-up market, libation and light fare. 
Drinks will be available at the bar within the banquet hall. Our signature cocktail is also available to purchase.
Tickets available on Eventbrite $45 + tax.
If you are planning to come for the live music only, tickets are $15.00 at the door.
Ticket sales will begin at 8:30 p.m. on a first come first serve basis. This is an inclusive event. 

A little bit about our Event Speakers


Florence Gaven Rossavick

Co-founder Fuzz Wax Bar
Originally from France, Florence Gaven Rossavik started her adult life by embarking on a transformative journey to study Film and Television in Australia, nurturing her innate passion for travelling, storytelling and visual arts.
In 2012, after five years working on film sets, Florence settled in Toronto and co-founded North America’s first membership-based waxing-only salon, Fuzz Wax Bar, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation. With a profound involvement in various facets of the business, including operations, finance, technology, and franchise development, she assumed the role of CEO and guided the Fuzz Wax Bar franchise system towards unprecedented success.
Florence's global wanderlust has taken her to diverse corners of the world, fostering a deep appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. Her experiences abroad have undoubtedly influenced her dynamic leadership style and her ability to adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape.

Joanna Harding-Duggan

B.A., Dip.C.S., PCC

Professional Certified Coach specializing in ADHD and executive function coaching / Life Coach / Health and Wellness Coach

Joanna’s coaching practice is founded on the believe that everyone is entitled to live the best version of their life. As a Professional Health, Wellness and ADHD coach Joanna is committed to helping people make positive lifestyle changes that support physical and mental health. 
 Joanna earned a B.A. (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1992 and a subsequent Diploma in Child Study from the Institute of Child Study (University of Toronto) in 1994. She worked as a psychometrist for over 20 years in the field of neuropsychology, predominately with individuals who have experienced brain injury.  In 2016 Joanna attended Adler in Toronto and trained as a professional Coach.  She specialized as an ADHD Coach in 2018 and started her private practice in January 2019.  In 2020 Joanna earned the Professional Coaching Certification from the International Coaching Federation.  She has participated in numerous professional training courses since then and is currently attending the Wellness Coaching post-graduate program at Humber College. 
 Joanna took a hiatus from her work in neuropsychology for about 8 years to be a stay-at-home mum to three daughters.  It is her journey as a wife and parent, along with her work in the area of brain injury that has driven her passion to support and foster mental wellness in others.
 As a Professional ADHD and Wellness Coach Joanna works with clients to help them understand their unique challenges, uncover their strengths, define goals, develop strategies, and create action plans. Through education, fostering awareness, and creating meaningful goals, she helps people shift from stuck to successful.
Joanna is known for her ability to bottom line challenges and help clients move forward with clear action plans, in a supportive and caring manner. In her coaching practice she pulls from her education and experiences in psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience, and wellness to help people not only understand their challenges but to provide support that is uniquely suited to their specific needs.
Joanna is thrilled to speak at the Women of Change Women’s Day event and is looking forward to connecting with the attendees and other presenters.
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Olivia-Joy Abbott

VP, Growth and Partnerships

Meet Olivia-Joy Abbott, the VP of Growth and Partnerships at Science&Humans, Canada’s foremost virtual hormone healthcare company providing crucial support and treatment for hormone imbalances such as peri/menopause and PCOS. A seasoned Recreational Therapist with a decade of experience in healthcare, Olivia-Joy has held impactful roles with world-class preventative health organizations, including the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Her passion lies in championing women's health topics and leading equitable well-being initiatives, embodying a genuine commitment to holistic health strategies for organizations. 
Beyond her professional endeavours, she actively mentors high school girls through the not-for-profit organization, GEM, to be the leaders they are meant to be. On the weekends, you can find her attending Pilates classes, adding too many books to her "must-read" list and spending quality time with her husband and their two cats.

Kim Hines

Entrepreneur, Realtor and Pickleball Coach

In addition to being a small business owner and Real Estate Professional, Kim is also an avid squash player! Unfortunately, with Covid, all indoor courts were off limits and playing was impossible. Someone mentioned Pickleball as an option, a new game that people were playing outside on tennis courts, in the middle of winter! She gave it a try and was instantly hooked. Unfortunately, as a fairly new game to Canada, there were very few places to play and the city had NO purpose-built pickleball courts. As a result, Kim became a founding member of the East Toronto Pickleball Association in order to advocate for pickleball Courts and places to play in Toronto. 
It soon became very obvious that there was another problem! Everyone was trying to learn this new game by watching youtube videos or other players – There were no clinics or organized instruction. As a result, Kim became a pickleball Instructor and joined forces with Sarah Graham to create PaddlesUp Pickleball, a corporation initially dedicated to teaching adults how to play pickleball in the Beach area. 
The growth of pickleball, in Canada, over the last three years has been stunning. Initially the game was most popular with Sunbirds, returning home in spring from warmer climes, and the average player age was 62. As a game very easy to learn, and very adaptable to any age and ability, pickleball has become the fastest growing sport in the world and in Toronto, with the average age now hovering around 38! 
Since its startup in April, 2023, PaddlesUp has grown to include Beaches Pickleball Coaching, Picklers Social (where groups 10 or more have a 2 hour lesson/play session followed by drinks and appetizers at a local pub), Little Picklers (which teaches kids 7-11 how to play pickleball) and PaddlesUp for Teens! We can’t wait to see what happens next! 

Suzanne Duncan

VP of Philanthropy

Suzanne Duncan has helped social justice organizations reach their philanthropic potential for 20 years. At social service organizations like YWCA Toronto and The WoodGreen Foundation, she connected visionary donors to innovative projects. She spent 9 years at the CAMH Foundation where she raised $39million+ for major mental health initiatives while curating and creating experiences for donors to feel the impact of their giving. Now as the Vice President of Philanthropy at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Suzanne is advancing gender justice and ensuring women, girls and non-binary people don’t get left behind as we recover from the pandemic.

Mary-Margaret McMahon

Member of Provincial Parliament for Beaches-East York and
the Ontario Liberal Caucus Critic for the Environment and Climate Change

A natural-born leader, Mary-Margaret McMahon was a strong City Builder long before she was elected first to Toronto City Council in 2010 and then to the Ontario Legislature in 2022. She worked tirelessly as a passionate volunteer on projects for a variety of organizations in her community ranging from environmental education, small business advocacy and streetscape beautification, to public awareness-raising on food security issues and initiatives.
Mary-Margaret’s proudest achievements include leading and implementing the City’s first climate change adaptation plan (TransformTO) and spearheading the Laneway Suites planning policy – a game-changing housing initiative adding to the city’s rental stock and allowing residents to age in place, and helping to create the Vision Zero road safety plan ensuring safety for all road users. As a shop local champion, she was instrumental in repealing the vacant commercial property tax rebate to allow for more vibrancy on our streets.
As MPP, Mary-Margaret has been a strong advocate for the people of Beaches-East York. Against all odds, she flipped the riding in a close race, turning Beaches-East York into an Ontario Liberal seat. A lifelong environmentalist, Mary-Margaret  jumped back into politics to address the climate emergency and holds the role of Liberal Critic for Environment and Climate Change. She is sharply focused on delivering housing reform, strong climate policy, improved healthcare, education, and transportation for her community and all Ontarians.
Mary-Margaret has a knack for bringing people together and inspiring them. Whether it is working across party lines or empowering residents to form advocacy groups to implement change in their neighbourhoods, she ensures everyone’s voices are heard and ideas valued. Mary-Margaret is a true collaborator.
With her endless energy, creativity, and charisma, Mary-Margaret’s ambitious plans for positive change can be seen in Beaches-East York, in Toronto, and across Ontario!

The Canadian Women’s Foundation’s vision is to ensure every woman, girl, and gender-diverse person has the power, safety, support, and rights to thrive, today and tomorrow.

You don’t believe in taking a Band-Aid approach to solving problems and neither do we. That’s why the Canadian Women’s Foundation focuses on the most critical challenges facing women and girls, and invests in the most effective solutions for long-term change.

With your support, we approach holistically—from women and girls in communities across the country right up to the federal government level. It takes strong community organizations and dedicated service providers to deliver programs that change lives. Yet, these organizations often operate on shoestring budgets with few resources.

With your support, the Canadian Women’s Foundation provides organizations with one to five years of funding, which helps to retain staff, evaluate programs, and improve long-term outcomes.We also bring grantee organizations and sector experts together to network, discuss emerging issues, coordinate services, and work together toward long-term solutions.

About The Canadian Women's Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, the Foundation works to achieve systemic change that includes all women. By supporting community programs, the Foundation empowers women and girls to move themselves out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership.

Launched in 1991 to address a critical need for philanthropy focused on women, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is one of the largest women’s foundations in the world. With the support of donors, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million and funded over 1,950 programs across the country. These programs focus on addressing the root causes of the most critical issues, and helping women and girls who face the greatest barriers.  

The Canadian Women’s Foundation aims to be inclusive of diverse people across gender and sexuality spectrums. We focus our efforts on supporting those who face the most barriers and have least access to relevant services. This includes people who identify as women, girls, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and 2SLGBTQI+.

To learn more, visit
To donate through Just Giving.

If you are planning to come for the live music only, tickets are $15.00 at the door.

Ticket sales will begin at 8:30 p.m. on a first come first serve basis.

Elana Harte enjoys a successful career producing, writing and performing.
Both a gifted guitarist and vocalist, the Montreal-born songstress maintains a New Country and Alternative Rock flavour and mass appeal.
As a solo performer, Elana has released 4 CDs (Heart, Soul and Song; Father’s Daughter; Split; Like Water), has had her music featured on compilations and soundtracks as well as garnering many awards, including(SongDoor, International Songwriting Competition, Songwriter Universe Magazine, Unisong International Songwriting Contest, Great American Song, Kicx99.5 FM Starquest winner).
Elana was a founding member of Vinnick, Sheppard, Harte, with whom she released two recordings (My Favourite Shirt; And They All Rolled Over) and the popular V-GIRLS with Heather Bambrick. She is also busy as a freelance writer, producer and session musician, as well as involved in over a dozen co-writing projects with many new and established artists.
Elana’s 7th release is expected in 2012. This CD will feature Elana’s bluesier side with some heavier arrangements layered on top.
Looking for Elana’s released catalogue of music it is available digitally however the “NEW” compilation CD “RETROSPECTIVE” will feature the tracks chosen by her fans. Available late 2012
Elana is also the producer and creator of M-FACTOR Mondays (weekly @ The Old Nick 123 Danforth Ave. Toronto), She also produced ONSTAGE: Thursday Nights, Club House Fridays and SOUNDWIRE Sundays. All are showcases of Canadian and International performing songwriters. These events have become mainstays for featuring new and established artists. Look for “” events around town.
"Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats lays out their self titled release with a thick richness of bluesy classic rock driven sounds. Elana’s warm and husky sounding vocals give each song a smooth and thick balance of Blues and Classic Rock."
— Kingston Music Review

"Country, blues singer’s passion pay off in Toronto’s tough music biz." 
“There are a few Bowie Tributes out there, but none of them stand up to I Will Be King! This 6 piece band will definitely deliver the goods of the music of David Bowie and if you are a fan of Bowie, do not miss this show.”
— Dan Ferracutti, Drums N Flats

Join us in our celebration of International Women's Day us at the beautiful Balmy Beach Club on Toronto's waterfront. 

The Balmy Beach Club, 360 Lake Front, Toronto, ON M4E 1A7

 Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite .

Grassroots Women of Change Inc.

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